My teaching philosophy is built upon three foundational pillars: mutual learning, practical relevance, and embracing mistakes.

My teaching philosophy is founded upon two fundamental principles derived from Vedic literature: “शिक्षामूलं धर्मः” (Śikṣāmūlaṁ dharmaḥ) – Education is the foundation of righteousness, and “अध्ययनं सर्वधर्मानां मूलम्” (Adhyayanam sarvadharmānām mūlam) – Learning is the root of all virtues. As I enter the classroom, I embrace the dual role of teacher and student, fostering an environment of mutual growth and learning. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of understanding economics to grasp the economic narrative of everyday life. Finally, I advocate embracing mistakes as valuable learning opportunities, encouraging students to view them as stepping stones towards growth and knowledge.

You can find my teaching statement here

Feedback from My Students

  • Krishna is amazing.
  • You were a great professor and I appreciate your will to help others out when needed.
  • I could have used office hours more effectively if my schedule wasn’t so tight
  • I rated professor Sharma highly for all categories.
  • His willingness to schedule a time that works for the individual student to meet and discuss the material and make sure you are understanding showed he cares greatly about his students
  • Teacher went above and beyond to teach class the material. He had slideshows, but often times went away from those to teach by hand on the board and with real like scenarios, which made the subject matter much easier to learn, as well as easier to stay focused during class, as he did not just read from the slides
  • Krishna is very dedicated toward economics and has a passionate way of teaching it.
  • the class was well explained and the teacher made sure that you understood what was expected and gave enough materials to be able to get a good grade
  • He was able to come to class every time and clearly explain what was expected of us, and he was able to make the complex lessons and information easy to understand. He also made sure kids were engaged and made the lessons fun.
  • Professor Sharma is great at letting students know what is expected of us and explaining economic topics in a way that is easy to understand and interesting. His office hours are very flexible and he went out of his way to accommodate my schedule one week, which was great. He is very approachable and clearly wants his students to learn and succeed. His class is more focused on making sure we actually learn something instead of just getting the grade we want, which is great because students can learn at our own pace and actually absorb the material instead of memorizing it for a test and forgetting it two days later.
  • Mr, Sharma was clear about what he expected from the class. He made it very easy to reach out to him and work with him during office hours.
  • It was super engaging. Have never been a big fan of economics but he has made it very interesting.
  • Mr. Sharma is always available to help students improve their grade and develop a better understanding of the course material. He worked tirelessly to make sure there were opportunities for students to learn from their mistakes and to improve their understanding in the future. By working with students and attending class I saw improvement in my personal understanding of financial markets, how money works in todays economy, and the impact of macroeconomic policies on my day to day life.
  • We were always encouraged to ask questions, given time to do so, and encouraged to discuss the material during class time. The discussions with the class actually helped me understand the material really well so I appreciated that a lot. Additionally, the instructor always made himself available outside of class time and responded to emails timely.
  • The ability of Krishna to rely real life applications and examples to us students was critical in my learning through the course.